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Honest, Grounded, and Powerful: Meet Ladies First

Ladies First stands as Michigan State University's sole all-treble a cappella group among the six auditioned ensembles on campus. This distinctive group of treble singers possesses qualities that set them apart. To offer you insight into their unique community, we had a conversation with Alivia and Jackie, co-presidents of Ladies First. Continue reading to learn more about this unique a cappella group.

A Glimpse into Ladies First

At the core of Ladies First is a commitment to positivity, open-mindedness, and a distinctive fondness for the color pink. Their performances captivate audiences with a blend of soulful ballads and spirited anthems. While their repertoire encompasses empowering female songs, their musical range extends across various pop genres, excluding show tunes.

Their musical arrangements primarily emerge from within the group, a testament to the legacy of musicality passed down by former music directors. On the musical front, Ladies First embraces a diverse array of performances. This year, they are proud hosts of Acapalooza, an a cappella extravaganza that unites all vocal groups for a collaborative showcase.

Gigs and Events

Beyond Acapalooza, the group bonds with fellow ensembles at the Hayride and Aca-formal, relatively new events to the a cappella community. They look forward to solidifying connections during their annual retreat and love to showcase their baking abilities through their yearly bake sales. Annual concerts also spotlight their dedicated rehearsal efforts. In their most recent performance, they had the honor of singing under the stars at the MSU Observatory. It was truly a night to remember.

Auditioning for Ladies First

Ladies First welcomes treble singers of any gender or background to audition. The process involves signing up for an audition slot on their website, selecting a verse and chorus of a song, and performing it a cappella for the group members. Successful candidates proceed to callbacks, where they harmonize with Ladies First members to gauge their musical synergy.

While renowned for their musicality, Ladies First wants aspiring members to know that a music major is not a prerequisite. Alivia, a History major, and Jackie, studying Hospitality Business, exemplify this diversity. What truly matters is a shared passion for music.

Beyond Making Music

The co-presidents emphasize that the Ladies First experience extends beyond rehearsals. Members relish post-gig meals, retreat breakfasts, and pre-rehearsal boba runs. The group also cultivates a collective dedication to academics, often embarking on library sessions together after rehearsals.


Ladies First, with their honest, grounded, and powerful approach, offers more than just music – they provide a supportive, vibrant community that harmonizes the joys of singing and friendship. So, whether you're a seasoned vocalist or a musical novice, a history buff or a future business leader, Ladies First A Cappella welcomes you into their fold with open arms. For audition information, follow them on Instagram and visit them at Sparticipation!


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