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Dive Into The All-Bass Magic: The Michigan State Accafellas

Amidst the vibrant a cappella scene at Michigan State University, there exists a group unlike any other – The Accafellas. Renowned for their charismatic humor and captivating performances, these Fellas bring a distinctive charm to the stage that sets them apart from any other ensemble. President of the Accafellas Josh Morrisey is here to take us on a journey through their world. Read on to dive deeper into the captivating universe of this unique group of lower-voiced singers!

The Accafellas competing at ICCA

From Humble Beginnings to Triumph: The Accafellas' Journey

Founded in 1996 by the visionary MSU student, Phil Johnson, The Accafellas have come a long way since their founding. Over the decades, this tenor-bass (TTBB) a cappella group has left an indelible mark on Michigan State University's musical landscape, captivating audiences with their award-winning performances and undeniable talent. Throughout their history, they have participated in numerous competitions, delivered soul-stirring renditions, and graced various stages with their engaging presence.

During the pandemic, the group was challenged by a lack of numbers, reaching a low point of a mere 3 active Accafellas. Today, The Accafellas is back and better than ever, continuing to soar to new heights. Just recently, they surprised fans with the release of their latest EP titled "Colors," a testament to their unwavering passion for pushing artistic boundaries.

Immerse yourself in the world of The Accafellas by streaming their latest EP here.

A Unique Community

Josh described the group as a close-knit circle of friends with a shared love for singing, all coming from diverse backgrounds that cover various fields of study. The eboard alone represents majors in education, marketing, theatre, computer science, and vocal education, showcasing the group's rich diversity.

Curious to capture the essence of the Fellas' perspective, Josh conducted a quick poll in their group chat, and the consensus condensed their vibe into three words: brotherly, comical, and charismatic. These qualities reflect the heart and soul of the Accafellas, uniting their voices in perfect harmony and creating a unique and cherished community that resonates with friendship, comedy, and a deep love for music.

An Unforgettable Experience: The Accafellas' Perfect Blend of Melody and Entertainment

If you've ever attended an Accafellas concert, you know firsthand that their performances are not only marked by impressive melodies but also an undeniable talent for entertaining. From evoking tears with a moving song to eliciting laughter with impromptu jokes, the Accafellas value the art of captivating a crowd. Their alumni songs are choreographed to some degree, a testament to the enduring charm and creativity of the Accafellas' musical legacy.

However, don't be fooled by their fun-filled stage presence, as the Fellas' dedication to their craft is far from casual. They adopt a rigorous approach, striving to perfect their songs behind the scenes to ensure they can deliver a flawless and exhilarating performance on concert day. Josh elaborates, explaining that those seeking the Accafellas as a laid-back hobby may find it isn't the right fit for them. With a commitment to excellence and an unwavering passion for music, the Accafellas create an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on audiences and ensures their legacy endures for years to come.

Auditions: Unleashing Your Entertaining Spirit

If you’ve decided to audition for the Accafellas, your audition might look something like this: first, you will arrive to the audition space and fill out a form. This form is designed to allow the Fellas to get to know both your musical expertise and your ability to make them laugh. Then, you will bring your 45-60 second cut into the audition room where you will perform for the panel of singers. After you sing, you will answer a few questions, and then await your next steps!

When asked about the ideal member of the Accafellas, Josh replied: “What we're looking for in the group is someone who's willing to put in the work, willing to commit to the time, but also willing to have fun and kind of fits our vibe.” Your audition is the first step in discovering if the Fellas is the place for you.

Gigs Throughout the Year: Sharing the Love for Music

Performing gigs is the Fellas' true passion, and they seize every opportunity to showcase their talent. From entertaining sorority events to collaborating with various university departments, they relish in the joy of performing. Unforgettable experiences have included singing at a Red Wings game, joining Founder Phil Johnson on a singing tour of the Brighton School District, and gracing the stage at the renowned Fox Theatre.

Alongside gigs, the Fellas eagerly participate in the ICCA every year, dedicating hard work and dedication to excel in the competition. During audition season, like many other groups, their rehearsal schedule becomes a little more rigorous. They will go from rehearsing 3 days a week for 2 hours each to 3 days a week and 3 hours each.

A Family Beyond Performing

By joining the Accafellas, you’re also signing up for a group of 10+ other best friends. Aside from rehearsals each week, the Fellas enjoy spending quality time together whether it’s at a Fella's apartment, playing video games online, or hitting Grand River on the weekends. No matter what your interests are, there’s surely another member who will be excited to share your passions with you!

Josh captures the essence of the group best when saying, “It's a space where you can be yourself and it doesn't matter where you're from. Doesn't matter if you have a good or bad day. You're always welcome in the Fellas.”

Want to receive audition updates? Follow them on Instagram! Don’t hesitate to shoot them a DM if you have any pressing questions or inquiries!

The 2022-2023 Accafellas


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