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Auditions 101: A Glimpse Into a Capital Green Audition

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Each Michigan State a cappella group has its unique audition process, and at Capital Green, we are constantly striving to refine and improve our auditions. Come with us for a sneak peek into the room where the magic happens!

Arriving To Your Audition

Before stepping into the audition room, we ask you to arrive early and fill out a brief "about you" form. Take a seat in the hallway of Wells Hall, where you'll find other auditionees. While we aim to be punctual, please be prepared to wait for a few extra minutes. When the time is right, a friendly member of our group will call you into the audition room. Take a deep breath, relax, and shake off any nerves that may be building up.

The Room Where It Happens

Inside the room, you'll see most of our group members sitting, facing the front of the classroom, eager to witness your musicality in action. Don't be intimidated by the crowd; we are genuinely excited to meet you and promise a warm and welcoming environment.

To kick things off, we'll review your completed sheet and ask you a question or two. Just be yourself and let your personality shine! While we value musical talent, we're also seeking individuals who will harmonize well with our group's culture. For more insights into our culture, check out our instagram and other blogs.

Next, it's your time to shine. Our music directors are ready to assist you with a starting pitch if needed. You'll have the opportunity to sing a verse and chorus of your prepared song, keeping it within 45-60 seconds.

After your performance, we'll celebrate with you! If time allows, we might have some fun by asking you to sing scales or pose a light-hearted question. We'll then open the floor to any questions you may have for us. Before you know it, you'll be stepping out of the audition room, feeling accomplished! If you're selected for a callback, you'll receive an email notification.


That's it! Our audition process is designed to be low-pressure, enjoyable, and efficient. For more valuable tips on how to tackle your audition, don't forget to explore our other blogs in the Audition 101 series.

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